Welcome To Our Official PRiSM United Church of Christ Website

Our prayer is that you will experience the unconditional love of our community! We began as an outreach ministry of Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC.  Our goal was to bring together a group of intellectual, thinking and inclusive people who believe Church is not a building.  We are now the first and only UCC in Wake Forest, NC.  We meet every Sunday at 12:30pm to worship together.  We are currently renting the CHAPEL of the Wake Forest United Methodist Church. The goal is to have our own location soon.
We strive for healthy peaceful relationships with all of God’s creation. We believe Social justice, Environmental Justice and Economic Justice should be an important part of our journey.
We have challenging studies, discussion groups and fun times.  From Theology on Tap with other adults to Painting the Stars with others seeking to  understand the connection of science and religion as well as participating in Living the Questions or book studies.  There is also a variety of outreach/economic justice/environmental justice or social justice issues we work together to participate in helping our world become a better place. At Christmas time enjoy Caroling with our intergenerational and diverse families and just have fun at our cook outs or  Defying Gravity with the children and youth. Through it all–our ultimate goal is to grow together and embrace a love of all.  May you know that love and remember that no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you ARE really welcome here.
You will see our banner, with some of our hands in the shape of hearts. We used blended art with a painting as the back drop by one of our artists in the congregation and photographs of our hands done by one of our photographers in the congregation.  Blended is who we are and how we worship. Our hands were used to represent that we want to be the hands of Christ on earth today.  Each Sunday we blend our worship style by having both contemporary and traditional music. We may have a responsive call to worship one Sunday or a spoken word call to worship the next.  We hope you will join us and help us continue to blend.  No matter who you are or where you are on your journey you are truly welcome here.  We are gay, straight, black, white, pan or trans….and it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we love God and we love not only each other but we love the “Other.”
Please use the Search box if you don’t find what you are searching for in the tabs.
Go to the Resource list tab for immediate Crisis resources.  For a Spiritual Crisis feel free to call the pastor.
At PRiSM, we believe God’s light pours into the world and comes out in and through us all creating a beautiful prism of diversity.  We believe in Love —period. No ifs, no whats, no whens….. NO matter Who you are or Where you are on your journey, you are welcome here.

About our Denomination: “The United Church of Christ is a Church of Extravagant Welcome

Today, we continue to change lives throughout the world. We work alongside more than 200 mission partners. We labor ceaselessly to fight injustice, in the United States and abroad. We instill our vision into our youth and young adults, forging leaders who will imagine new dreams.
And the United Church of Christ sustains and develops church leaders, pastors, and local churches to live their faith in exciting new ways.
The UCC believe in a God that is still speaking, a God that is all-loving and inclusive.”  A God that is NGC!!
We are not only a church but a denomination that welcomes and accepts everyone as they are, where their mind is nourished as much as their souls.
We believe that Jesus  is the healer and Jesus is  the revolutionary, and where together with Jesus, we ALL grow a just and peaceful world for all and ALL truly does mean ALL.